There are only two things you need to get started:

  • Your Color of Money Risk Analysis
  • Your Color of Money report

To provide you with your analysis and customized report, the first step is to complete the Strategy Assessment®. These are complimentary and available in the Generational Vault – secure, easy to set up and available at no cost. Just fill out the short form on this page to request your complimentary Generational Vault account.

Get Started

An easy way to figure out where you should have your retirement assets allocated is to use a color system. We have created a simple way for you to categorize your retirement assets into Red, Yellow, and Green Money.

Red Money

These assets are subject to risk and can lose value but provide opportunity for growth.

Yellow Money

Yellow assets, like Red assets, are subject to risk and can lose value but are professionally managed. Professional money managers could help reduce the risk and provide growth opportunities.

Green Money

Green assets have a lesser amount of risk. They may not have as much growth potential as other assets but your account is less likely to go down.

Don't overlook your risk exposure within your asset allocation.

Asset allocation is a critical component to your overall income plan and can have a dramatic impact on your retirement future.

Do you know what color your money is? Do you know how much money you should have in Red, Yellow, or Green?

The first step to color code your assets is to take the Color of Money Risk Analysis. This analysis provides you with a financial picture and a roadmap to your overall risk preferences. The output will be a proprietary Color of Money Risk Analysis score. This short, interactive analysis is an important part of determining how to properly align your assets among Red, Yellow and Green money.

Asset allocation does not guarantee a profit or protect against loss. All investing involves risk, including the possible loss of principal.